Disaster Preparedness for the Elderly:  A checklistGeneral Public Image - Elders

Elsewhere on this website you can find an overview of general disaster preparedness as it relates to persons who are elderly.  Following is a checklist that elderly persons may use to enhance their disaster preparedness:

Use the following checklist to get started:

  • Assemble a disaster supplies kit.
  • Arrange for someone to check on you.
  • Plan and practice the best escape routes from your home.
  • Plan for transportation if you need to evacuate to a Red Cross shelter.
  • Find the safe places in your home for each type of emergency.
  • Have a plan to signal the need for help.
  • Post emergency phone numbers near the phone.
  • If you have home health care service, plan ahead with your agency for emergency procedures.
  • Teach those who may need to assist you in an emergency how to operate necessary equipment. Be sure they will be able to reach you.
  • Consider special needs such as Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias, discussed elsewhere on this website.
  • Consider special medical needs such as diabetes, oxygen-dependence, and lack of mobility, as they may relate to disaster preparedness.