If you are interested in supporting relief response in Haiti please visit the following websites:


We also recommend  the Center for International
Disaster Information.  It contains good information for people who wish
to help and also sets realistic expectations for those unfamiliar or not
experienced in international relief work.  It also provides an
opportunity for those with specific skills to register on a database.

The World Health Organization suggests:

“Where relevant, please remind people that as per IASC Guidellines
action sheet 4.4 point 7, well-intending foreign mental health
professionals (who are not affiliated to any organisation) should be
discouraged from travelling to disaster affected regions unless they
meet the following criteria:

• They have previously worked in emergency settings.
• They have previously worked outside their own socio-cultural setting
• They have basic competence in some of the interventions covered in
these guidelines.
• They have an understanding of either community psychology or public
health principles.
• They have a written invitation from a national or established
international organization to work in the country.
• They are invited to work as part of an organization that is likely to
maintain a sustained community presence in the emergency area.
• They do not focus their work on implementing interventions themselves
(e.g. clinical work), but rather provide support to programs on a general level,
including thetransfer of skills to local staff, so that interventions and supports
are implemented
by local staff.”