K-12 Schools

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Fast Facts: Firearm Violence Prevention from the CDC

Research on Prevention Policies

Keeping Schools Safe Report from Everytown

Tips and Tools Regarding Gun Violence from The American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association - What Happens to the Survivors?

Five Ways to Cope in the Wake of Trauma

What to Expect in the Wake of Mass Violence

Public Health Approach to Gun Violence Prevention

Web Links

This 3-page article provided by SAMHSA titled Tips for Supporting Children During Times of War: A Guide for Teachers explores how to talk to children about war and how to help children better access their abilities to cope.

FEMA offers disaster mental health resources for parents and teachers, including interactive online curriculum and activities for children

A fact sheet on the impact of terrorism and disasters on children from the American Psychological Association

The National Institute for Mental Health offers resources regarding traumatic events and children and adolescents

The National Association of School Psychologists offers school safety and crisis resources, including information on crisis teams in schools

The Center for Health and Healthcare in Schools offers various mental health resources for teachers, parents, and students

Ready.gov offers a site specifically designed to help kids understand disaster preparedness

Preparedness resources for K-12 students

Sesame Street’s affiliated organization, Sesame Workshop, offers a wealth of emotional health resources for children and their parents